2000 – P With Controller

//2000 – P With Controller

2000 – P With Controller

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Accu-Tab® chlorinators are made of rigid PVC with several standard sizes available for a wide array of municipal and industrial applications.  The Accu-Tab system combines uniquely designed, patented chlorinators with slow release 68% calcium hypochlorite to provide one complete system for tablet chlorination.

Series 2000 Controller Features:

• Uses 4-20mA signal from customer’s chlorine analyzer* to deliver consistent chlorine residual readings

• Offers chlorine delivery control at a fraction of the cost of other systems

• Provides residual control, flow-pacing and compound loop capability

• User interface similar to the PowerPro™ chlorination system

• Comes with standard warranty

• Available either pre-assembled with chlorinator or installed aftermarket


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